If you are a WordPress developer and are looking for an easy way of rapidly building HTML5 ready themes without having to re-write the same WordPress code over and over, then this post is for you. Blank, bare-bones, naked, themes, or whatever you prefer to call them, are a life-saver for developers who have to build WordPress themes on a regular basis. They are basically stripped-back themes that have had all of their surplus non-essential code stripped away, leaving only the bare necessities and a fantastic starting point for any new project.

Previously, we had published a post (10 Blank/Naked WordPress Themes Perfect for Development) covering bare-bones WordPress themes but, at the time, there were very few themes that were HTML5 ready. Now with HTML5 being embraced by most developers the availability and demand has sky-rocketted.

Roots is a starting WordPress theme that has been built with the HTML5 Boilerplate, Blueprint CSS/960.gs, and is hNews microformat ready. Roots includes many amazing features, here are some of its key features:

This is an updated version of the original WP Shell from www.mimoymima.com taking advantage of HTML5. It is a fantastic starting point for quickly creating themes using HTML5 with an abundance of features:

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wow! nice list! will try this as base plate for wordpress theme, thanks for posting this!

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A great post for WordPress developers like me. It will help me understand how HTML5 can be used with WordPress. Thanks an tonne

Hi, just a word to present Basics : A Hard Rock-solid Theme based on HTML5 Boilerplate «For Those About to Rock» with WordPress, available at http://wp4design.com 

Hi all ..Stucked here.. my client wants to redesign site http://hachikotourism.in/ with latest features added. I found Presswork here http://presswork.me/features/ I have two options now. Roots is better or Presswork. Cant decide which one is better and more useful? Please suggest me the better option..

TwentyTen Five  is really awesome platform to create wonderful wordpress website with HTML5. HTML5 can be used with WordPress.Thanks for nice info.

Man this is the exact article I need to start my next project.  Like starting with a fresh start. Thanks Specky!

BlankSlate would be an excellent contender for this list: http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/blankslate

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